"Reduced emissions by over 90% from .35 to 0.3" - -" MPG from 23.6 - 29.3 - Amazed"



Our product is made from a special alloy which, when air passes over it, acts as a catalyst and modifies the air's composition and loosens the oxygen molecule for 2-3 seconds. As a result, the fuel and air mixture combustion process is improved and less fuel is required to create the same explosion, hence the mixture burns more completely, creating fewer exhaust fumes and increased performance.   

We will be able to tell you more and give you a very good indication when you will start saving money and seeing a return on your investment (ROI). 

The moment it is fitted the emissions will be reduced and you will be helping the planet.

From the private owner to a large fleet, our product is for you!

Contact us at the bottom of the page and start your journey!


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