The Problem
In simple terms, air is mixed with fuel vapour, burned, and then vented from the engine. The force of the explosion is what powers your engine and propels your vehicle. The problem is that air is not the ideal medium for burning, as the oxygen molecule is bound up with other elements which stop the combustion from taking place as efficiently as possible.

The Solution
Our product is made from a very special alloy which, when air passes over it, acts as a catalyst and modifies the air’s composition and loosens the oxygen molecule for 2-3 seconds,
As a result, the fuel and air mixture combustion process is improved and less fuel Is required to create the same explosion, hence the mixture burns more completely, creating fewer exhaust fumes.
We will be able to tell you more and give you a very good indication when you will start saving money and seeing a return on your investment (ROI). The moment it is fitted the emissions will be reduced and you will also be helping the planet.

Q: Is it guaranteed ?
A: Yes, for as long as you own the vehicle.

Q: Any type of vehicle?
A: Yes, apart from pure electric cars. Some diesels have caused problems, due to the complication of the engine (Euro 5 and 6).

Q: Any type of engine?
A: Yes, petrol, diesel, lpg.

Q: Where does it fit?
A: It fits in either the air box or as close as possible to the combustion chamber.

Q: How eazi is it to fit?
A: Fitting it requires minimal technical or mechanical expertise.

Q: What is its size?
A: It varies as to which vehicle it is being fitted to.

Q: Do I have to service it?
A: No, once fitted you can forget about it. It can be easily cleaned if required.