"MPG from 23.6 - 29.3" - "Reduced emissions by over 90% from .36 to 0.03" - Amazed!



Mark - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 54788

Vehicle - 2004 TXII


"Certainly, more get up and go since fitting the Fuel Saver.

Bernard - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 43895

Vehicle - 2009 TX4 Euro 5

FUEL SAVING 4.5% (18.56 to 19.49 mpg) on Short Journeys

FUEL SAVING 16.5% plus (24 to 28mpg) on Longer Journeys

“Since fitting the Fuel Saver its driving like a new cab!"

Private User - Europe

Vehicle – BMW X1 xDrive 2.0 Diesel 2013


Driving conditions ratio. High way 80 %, Urban 20 %. Consumption now 6.1 litres /100 km. Prior to fitting it was 6.8 l /100 km.

“I couldn’t believe it does what it claims – I have proved it does!

Tony - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 56371

Vehicle - 2012 TX4 Euro 5


I have tested the Fuel Saver since May 2018 during which time I have covered 2,850 miles. Before fitting my mpg worked out at 23.6 - it is now a staggering 29.3 mpg. This shows a reduction of over 24%.

"The cab is now driving like a new one!" 

Gabs - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 36478

Vehicle – 2014 TX4 Euro 5


We’ve seen a few products over the years that claim to save fuel but in reality, don’t - so I was quite sceptical. We fitted the Fuel Saver to my cab in May 2018. I don’t do a large number of miles but the fuel consumption has definitely improved by about 9% Reduced emissions from .36 to .03. Over a 90% reduction! 

"Really surprised & impressed"

Anthony - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 34735

Vehicle - 2012 TX4 Euro 5


I’ve been driving my black cab for over seven years. A buddy suggested that I try the Fuel Saver in my cab as it appeared to work well in his. I had it fitted in March 2018 and my diesel consumption has dropped by about 18% which will save me well over £1000 a year.

"It does what it claims – saves money and fuel!"

Peter - London Taxi Driver - Licence Taxi Number 56563

Vehicle - 2015 TX4 Euro 5


I have been a taxi driver for over 30 years. Having tested the Fuel Saver for over two months, I monitored my fuel consumption very carefully. To my surprise it has dropped by about 17% which will save me about £1700 per year.

A recent MOT smoke test showed the vehicle emissions to have dropped from 0.33 to 0.16 - a reduction of some 51%

It has paid for itself in less than 4 weeks.

"What an amazing product" 

Claire - Conference & Event Agency Owner

Vehicle – Audi A6 Avant 2.0 Diesel 2010


My name is Claire Anthony and I run a conference and event agency based near Wendover, Bucks. Having had fitted a Fuel Saver, my overall fuel consumption has dropped from 34mpg to 42mpg a drop of 19%. On long runs, over 100 miles, I am now getting 46mpg a saving of 26%. From last year’s MOT the smoke test read 0.18. Having had a new MOT last week, the smoke test now reads 0.02 - a huge reduction of about 88% on emissions. 

Financially this product has paid for itself in just over a month. 

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend fitting the Fuel Saver to any driver, the higher your mileage the greater your savings".

Scott - Comms Engineer, Home Counties

Vehicle – Citroen Belingo 1.6 Diesel 2013


Was getting 300 miles on full tank, Now getting 340 Miles plus on full tank.

"Amazed - it does what it claims!"

Brian – Recovery Driver, Home Counties

Vehicle – Fiat Ducato 3.5t Beaver Tail


Increased fuel savings from 23.1 to 26.9 mpg. 

Jamie - Journalist, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Vehicle – Honda CRV Diesel 


Reduced Emissions from .65 to .38. Over 40% reduction in Emissions.

Little Bus Company – Elstree, Hertfordshire 

Vehicles - 13 Coaches (from 14 to 28 seats)

Fuel spend over £2,500 per week. Average saving across all coaches over 10% which is a saving over £250 per week. 

The Fuel Saver paid for itself in 4 weeks on all vehicles.

Salon Owner – Dereham, Norfolk 

Vehicle – Mitsubishi L200

Reduced fuel usage on long journeys by up to 20% and averaged 12 to 15% on short Journeys.

Ilustrator – Great Missenden, Bucks

Vehicle – Saab 93 Convertible

Reduced fuel usage on long journeys by 14% and averaged 9% on short Journeys.

Robert - Business Owner, Laidley, Queensland, Australia

Vehicle – Ford Falcon

“Great Product - Saving 18% on fuel on 2004 Ford Falcon and getting extra 150km per tank”.

Connor - Deutrom Horse transport, Arborfield, Berkshire 

Vehicle - Nissan Interstar

“Now getting extra 80 - 100 mile per tank after fitting the Fuel Saver” 

Red Apple Gardening - The Lee, Buckinghamshire

Vehicle - Ford Transit

“Getting extra 12% mpg after fitting the Fuel Saver”